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Where Fur and Garb Collide
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Subject:Children's Costume On Sale
Time:03:13 am
The mate and I are trying to clear out some of our old stuff that we don't use/need anymore in order to pay a couple extra bills. One of these things is her daughter's size 3-4 Ren Faire costume, which she has outgrown by now. It includes shoes, skirt, bodice, chemise, and bloomers. The grommets on the bodice are stitched over and it has a matching hand braided lace. If anyone is interested, I can get you pictures.  The bodice is a rose tapestry, brown skirt, brown shoes, muslin bloomers and chemise.  On hot days she just wore the bloomers and chemise and it worked as a simple costume.  I'd like to get at least $75 for it, as the shoes themselves are rather expensive, similar to the style that was available from dreamshoes.
Interested parties can contact us at zifnab77@hotmail.com

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Subject:New Jersey Ren Faire!
Time:02:11 pm
OK, so now that I've seen At Worlds End a THIRD time, I'm dying to bring out Captain O'Riley...that is, my pirate character ;)

And it just so happens that the New Jersey Renaissance Faire is being held this month...but this Cap'n can't go without a crew, sooooo here's the details if you'd like to go...

Saturday June 23rd
~ 10:00 Gather at my apartment and organize who’s driving
10:00-11:00 Drive over to the Faire
11:00-6:00 Rape, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer our weasley black guts out
6:00-? Open to suggestion (possible dinner plans?)

Meetup at:
590 Ocean Blvd., Apt. 38B, Long Branch, NJ 07740

For the NYC folks...you can take the Northeast Corridor Line from Penn Station to Long Branch. Just give me a call and I can pick you up from the station.

If you are coming I’d like a heads up so we know to wait for you if you are late. Also, let me know if you'll be driving to the faire from another point of origin.

People are welcome to crash at my house over the weekend as well...just bring a blanket/pillow/towel/bathing suit.

Perhaps we can go to the beach on Sunday :)

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Current Music:"Dip Madness" - Good Eats
Subject:Suiting and Garb
Time:05:47 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
I was thinking about eventually making a half suit (I think that's the right term)and having garb be the clothing part. The only thing I have ever made is a Menchi Costume.

Meh Menchi Costume.

It's not very good and leaves a lot to be desired, but for a first time it's okay. Anyway, would it be better to contact people running a faire or just show up in suit? Would the size of the faire make a difference? I wouldn't be showing up to an SCA event in suit. That would be bad on several levels. Maybe Pennsic though...hmmm... Any thoughts in suiting in garb and whether or not I should pursue? I can do it for Halloweens, Cons, and my own fun, but I want to know if I can go elsewhere with this eventual creation

Rambling Over
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Subject:Robin Hood and Little John Running Through the Forest....
Time:09:53 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
I went to a friend's house for help on some garb. Sadly, my dress had to be taken apart and redone. But, that's okay because I figured as much since I mixed up the arm and head holes. Sure, laugh. But, the muslin didn't have a full neck line so the neck line was smaller then the arm holes so nyah! Anyway, as a background movie Disney's Robin Hood was put on as a background movie. I haven't seen it in years and I ended up more watching the movie then sewing. It also reminded me that I need to get an icon for this group and go me wondering about maybe something from Robin Hood. I also laughed at Maid Marian and Lady Cluck during the one battle scene. I said "Hey look! It's a Markland Chick and a SCA lady"

I still need to work on my tail. I'm hoping it will come out okay
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Current Music:Simpsons episode "Fear of Flying"
Subject:First Post
Time:01:56 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative
Hail and well met!

I am hoping that this will be a decent community full of ideas, projects, and wonderful stories. I have been a Rennie longer then I have been a Marklander. I knew and attended a few mundane fairs before learning about the SCA and then Markland. I attended an SCA scholarly (I think that's what it's called) and a SCA feast. In 2000 I joined Markland since I knew more people that were in it. I'm interested in both fighting and Arts & Sciences. I have just recently obtained a nice armour upgrade. No more simple moving blanket and knee pads for me. I also have several already made frat weapons. Current A&S projects include card weaving and winter garb making. I've been a furry most of my life, I just didn't know there was a group that liked some of things that I liked. I have been drawing anthropomorphic characters since a very young age, have been interested in transformation for many years, and liked the idea of being something else or something more then human. I am more interested in the media part of the furry fandom-art, figurines, movies, cartoons, and various other bits of costuming--fur suiting, ears, tails, wings, and the science behind making them more realistic.

It's not required that anyone do an introduction, I just thought I would. Oh, I guess I should my persona and fursona quick like. Persona--Alanna. A nice little crafting fighter from the western coast of Ireland. Fursona-Mystique. Short haired light grey/silvery domestic feline with tufted ears, a long and more floofed tail, lime green eyes, and black feathered wings. Her choice of clothing mirrors mine-a dark eclectic mix, but none of her fur is dyed blue like mine.

--And yes there will eventually be an icon. I just haven’t gotten to drawing/making/finding it--
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Where Fur and Garb Collide
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You're looking at the latest 5 entries.