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First Post

Hail and well met!

I am hoping that this will be a decent community full of ideas, projects, and wonderful stories. I have been a Rennie longer then I have been a Marklander. I knew and attended a few mundane fairs before learning about the SCA and then Markland. I attended an SCA scholarly (I think that's what it's called) and a SCA feast. In 2000 I joined Markland since I knew more people that were in it. I'm interested in both fighting and Arts & Sciences. I have just recently obtained a nice armour upgrade. No more simple moving blanket and knee pads for me. I also have several already made frat weapons. Current A&S projects include card weaving and winter garb making. I've been a furry most of my life, I just didn't know there was a group that liked some of things that I liked. I have been drawing anthropomorphic characters since a very young age, have been interested in transformation for many years, and liked the idea of being something else or something more then human. I am more interested in the media part of the furry fandom-art, figurines, movies, cartoons, and various other bits of costuming--fur suiting, ears, tails, wings, and the science behind making them more realistic.

It's not required that anyone do an introduction, I just thought I would. Oh, I guess I should my persona and fursona quick like. Persona--Alanna. A nice little crafting fighter from the western coast of Ireland. Fursona-Mystique. Short haired light grey/silvery domestic feline with tufted ears, a long and more floofed tail, lime green eyes, and black feathered wings. Her choice of clothing mirrors mine-a dark eclectic mix, but none of her fur is dyed blue like mine.

--And yes there will eventually be an icon. I just haven’t gotten to drawing/making/finding it--

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