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Suiting and Garb

I was thinking about eventually making a half suit (I think that's the right term)and having garb be the clothing part. The only thing I have ever made is a Menchi Costume.

Meh Menchi Costume.

It's not very good and leaves a lot to be desired, but for a first time it's okay. Anyway, would it be better to contact people running a faire or just show up in suit? Would the size of the faire make a difference? I wouldn't be showing up to an SCA event in suit. That would be bad on several levels. Maybe Pennsic though...hmmm... Any thoughts in suiting in garb and whether or not I should pursue? I can do it for Halloweens, Cons, and my own fun, but I want to know if I can go elsewhere with this eventual creation

Rambling Over
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